Types of industries covered by our services

Halal is an Arabic translation of the word “fit for Muslim consumption”.  Halal industry has rapidly evolved in the last few decades, and many products are now routinely checked for its fitness to Muslim consumers. The most common products of Halal concern are: food, food ingredients, types of beverages, products manufactured for cosmetics, pharmaceutical use, health care and nutrition, and even banking, charity and tourism services.


Quality Control auditing and certification policy

Our auditing services starts by collecting necessary and relevant data of products intended for auditing. We then review the ingredients as presented by the manufacturer, and pay special attention to ingredients of animal origin, and any ingredients that are relevant or may raise concern regarding Halal certification, such as blood derivatives, coloring agents, gelatin, alcohols ..etc.

Once we receive all necessary documents and data, we will issue a draft of a contract that explains the methodology we will implement, including expected working period required to issue a certificate to our customers, and how much time and fees of the Halal certificate/s.

Our certification procedure usually comprises a visit to the location of the factory for sampling and testing by an independent laboratory, as recommended by the regulations of the standards we operate in respect to, refer please to the section on ABOUT US. This is one of the reasons why our certificates are well recognized and respected by International Trading offices.

Based on results of field visit, product reviewing, and laboratory feedback, we issue a certificate that highlight the status of the product as fit “Halal” or unfit “Haram” for Muslim consumers.


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