The HET-INSTITUT OF HALAL (HET-IOH) is a member in the World Halal Council, IHI (abbreviation of ….) Alliance, MS Malaysia Standard, which are the key makers of the global rules of Halal QA/QC, so that Halal trading flows as smoothly, predictably and freely as possible.

Being in the center of such global partnership helped HET- IOH in exchanging experience with world leaders in Halal production and QC, and being a partner in international conferences that holds constant brainstorming workshops for exchanging knowledge and creating the most practical contemporary Halal models.

HET- IOH also exchange Strategic Partnership Agreement with other HCB members worldwide, for better collaboration within various kinds of Halal related trades and practices, with a wider aim in unifying the Halal standard practices, and to enhance the Halal trade and Halal assurance internationally.




Strategic Partners

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