HET institute of halal

About Us

HET-INSTITUTE OF HALAL “Quality Control” provides services globally for scrutinizing, analyzing and testing product based on standards well defined for Halal food, beverage, pharmaceuticals, products for health care, cosmetic products and other consumables. We are committed to achieve excellence in consultation, issuing Halal compliance certifications, performing independent auditing, inspection & monitoring systems, promoting products and services fit for Halal markets, provide consultations for industries, and educate the community on Halal practices. We strive for implementing international standards and procedures of Halal certification, and share key features raised in the halal international conferences.


Our code of conduct

Every product we review and every service we offer is approved by well-educated and talented consultants. Our team of consultants are committed to the highest level of professionalism, strive to be interactive, responsive, and reliable.

Furthermore, our services are carefully tailored to adhere to the globally sit Halal standards, namely:

  • SMIIC (The Standards and Metrology Institute for Islamic Countries)
  • JAKIM (Malay: Department of Islamic Development Malaysia)
  • GSO (Gulf Standardization Organization)
  • WHC (World Halal Council)


Our services

The HET institute of Halal Quality is a leading company for European markets, which specializes in Halal product certifications and quality control. Our services cover auditing, among other products, Halal food and medical products intended for import and export to, from and within European countries and the Islamic world. We have real-life experience, resources and technology that has been running in several European countries, which is a key point in our excellence in consulting within today's halal industry in EU.


Our aim

To introduce HET Halal accredited products around the globe, and to support the growth of Halal Exportation internationally.

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